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CM Process Solutions (CMP) delivers a high-quality experience from your initial inquiry, through installation, commissioning, and the entire life cycle of your CMP purchase. 

Our dedicated team of after sales support staff deliver technical support and spare parts. Our facility in Winchester, Kentucky maintains a comprehensive inventory of parts available to ship overnight—this enables you to be back in production quickly and smoothly.

CM Process Solutions is committed to the safe implementation of equipment through our team of support engineers who offer start up and commissioning services for the three cores of our business:

  • Industrial Washing: such as automatic buggy washers and tunnel type washers
  • Mechanical Handling: such as lifters, tilters, tippers, and dumpers
  • Personal Hygiene: such as boot washers, sole washers, and hand hygiene stations

Once your new equipment is placed, installed, and hooked up to services, our engineers perform a full and comprehensive check on the equipment to ensure that all pipework and electrical connections are tight and secure.

Complete training is provided to all operators, maintenance personnel and sanitation team to ensure that when we depart your facility, we are confident that your team is comfortable with your new machine.

Our dedicated showroom, also based in Winchester, Kentucky is equipped with the latest equipment. We offer a complete range of washing and sanitizing systems which provide customers with the potential to visit and run initial trials allowing you to gain testimony of our range of machinery from performance to quality of design and build.

Contact Jason - After Sales Manager

Introducing Jason Crump, our dedicated after sales specialist. With extensive experience and expertise in various industries, Jason is the go-to authority for addressing your individual after sales needs. Whether you require maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs, or general support, Jason is here to provide practical solutions and guidance. Reach out to him today to schedule an appointment and ensure optimal performance and customer satisfaction for all your CMP products and systems.
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