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CM Process Solutions are a leading supplier of stainless-steel vats and associated material handling, industrial washing solutions for heavy-duty stainless-steel bulk handling containers.
CM Process Solutions are a leading supplier of stainless-steel vats and associated material handling, industrial washing solutions for heavy-duty stainless-steel bulk handling containers.

Material Handling Solutions

Our range of material handling solutions are designed to interface and operate with heavy-duty stainless-steel bulk product containers that are more commonly used in the meat and poultry sectors within the food processing industry.

We offer a complete range of dedicated equipment designed to accommodate stainless steel vats and assist in streamlining your production flow, products like stainless steel vat weigh scales, tippers, tilters, dumpers, double column lifters and manual washing equipment, all of which are designed for optimum efficiency and to prevent injury from repetitive injures to working personnel.

Weighing Equipment

Our team of engineers have developed a scale that is designed to handle heavy-duty stainless-steel vats with weight capacities of up to 3,300 lbs. (1500 kg), its free-standing design eliminates the needs for pits and ramps, which make it a sanitary and easy to clean design and an ideal solution for many food processors who are using stainless steel vats, or any other bulk product container.

Tipping, Tilting & Dumping (Low Level)

Our range of low-level tipping, tilting and dumping equipment is specifically designed for use with large heavy-duty stainless-steel vats and is capable of lifting and handling loads up to 3,300 lbs. (1500 kg) for dumping product such as meat, frozen blocks, IQF items and other food processing ingredients onto conveyors, tables or custom-made hoppers.

Its smooth tipping action allows for efficient unloading of product eliminating the risk of repetitive work injuries like strained muscles, ligaments, or any other musculoskeletal disorders.

Lifting & Dumping (High Level)

CM Process Solutions offer an extensive range of high-level equipment designed to lift and dump ingredients and product from heavy bulk product containers like stainless steel vats within the food processing industry.

A complete range of safe working loads and options are available for our twin column lifters and dumpers with the machines being built with optimal efficiency and safety in mind, all of our twin column dupers can be fitted with additional features such as rear loading electrical interlocked doors and full sheet guarding.

Manual Washing Equipment

For all your stainless-steel vat manual washing needs, CM Process Solutions have developed a range of free-standing powered wash frames which can be supplied to handle either one or two stainless steel vats per cycle.

These range of washing frames are designed to reduce the risk of injury when manually washing heavy-duty stainless-steel vats, they also assist in reducing damage to the bulk product container and the washroom floor.

Automatic Industrial Washing Systems

CM Process Solutions offer a complete line of automatic washing machines to the food processing industry for washing heavy duty bulk product containers such as stainless-steel vats.

Our range of vat washing solutions as they are known are supplied in both standalone cabinet style (Batch type washers) or inline conveyorized (tunnel washers) and as per all of our range of equipment an industrial stainless-steel vat and bin washer supplied by CM Process Solutions is designed with operator safety and hygienic sanitary principles in mind.

The machine can be tailored with many different options such as a powered heated 185°F rinse cycle, various filtration options, and HMI control, with many of these machines out in the field we can arrange for you to speak to one of our many partners.

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