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CM Process Solutions is a leading and trusted supplier off material handling, Industrial washing and sanitizing and personal hygiene equipment for the produce wholesale industry, Fresh produce passes from the farm to our plates through many distribution or production processes.

Like most food processing sectors the produce industry faces many challenges in there bid to deliver the perfect product, fresh produce can harbor pathogens like fungal and bacteria and also include trace amounts of chemicals and sprays from the growing process on the farm.

Due to the importance of strict hygiene protocols, CM Process Solutions can offer a solution to the produce sector, ensuring that best practices are incorporated whether you are washing bulk product plastic vats, transport crates or even ensuring employees are washing their footwear and hands.

Produce Containers


When it comes to washing plastic bulk product vats and containers, CM Process Solutions can tailor a cost effective and efficient solution to your washing and sanitizing needs, we have supplied washing and sanitizing solutions to growers, distribution channels, processors and supermarket chains washing containers that have soiling levels from fruit, vegetables and leafy type products. Our in house demonstration area was set up to highlight and showcase our complete line of Industrial Washing solutions, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person at our Kentucky location and demonstrate our full line up, alternatively your containers can be shipped to our location and we will do a full evaluation and wash trial then provide you the results.

Produce Mechanical Handling Equipment

Mechanical Handling Equipment

Our range of material handling equipment is designed to prevent the risk of injury from repetitive strains and skeletal injuries, Employees in the produce industry contend with many challenging factors, employees can become less efficient and suffer loss of time from work from manual handling products from bulk product containers such as plastic vats. We also supply a range of feed systems for feeding products such as olives, tomatoes, chopped salads to high level machinery such as scale buckets or vibratory conveyors. Our range of lifters and dumpers are specifically designed to mitigate that risk and a solution can be tailored to your individual problem, in essence a piece of machinery may be cheaper than a worker’s comp claim

Personal Hygiene Equipment

Personal Hygiene Equipment

Personal hygiene is nothing but ensuring that there is no contamination getting introduced in the product or equipment from personnel who are working inside the processing plant, CM Process Solutions offer an extensive range of equipment from boot washers and sole washers to complete all in one hygiene stations and from hand wash sinks to hair net dispensers within our portfolio of products.

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Demonstration ​Center

Seeing is believing! Our newly commissioned demonstration center is the ideal environment to test equipment for your process requirement and put the equipment through its paces. Our team are on hand to welcome customers visiting this unique test center.

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