Industry Sector - Candy & Confectionary

Manufacturers of chocolate, candy and gum employ nearly 100,000.00 people across the United States with an additional 700,00.00 jobs supported in related industries, the confectionery industry contributes more than USD 37 billion to the US economy each year, with each of the fifty states having at least one candy / confectionary type manufacturing facility.

Supply chain disruption, record 40-year high inflation and lingering and ongoing COVID-19 concerns continue to affect confectionary shopping and consumer consumption trends, what did not change was the nations love for confectionary, Americans continued to treat themselves and consumers set new dollar sales records in 2022.

Food safety and quality is just as important in the confectionary industry compared to other food processing sectors, manufacturers need to institute procedures and practices to ensure food safety, standards need to be set for toxicological, microbiological hazards and allergens.

Industrial Washing Machines

CM Process Solutions have extensive experience in supplying industrial washing & sanitizing machines for the candy and confectionary producing sectors, from simple cabinet style stainless steel dump buggy washers that wash re-worked chocolate to inline tray tunnel washing systems that process gummy bears, our machines are designed to be efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly, while decreasing labor that is intensive and strenuous when manual washing.
Our range of scale bucket washers are designed to wash weigh buckets that are commonly used to deposit product such as gummy bears and worms into bags, a simple push of a button on the HMI and the wash sequence is initiated allowing the operator to complete another task while awaiting the completion of the wash cycle.

Material Handling Solutions

CM Process Solutions range of material handling solutions are ideally designed to lift, dump and convey a whole range of free flowing and non-flowing candy products, from simple single column lifters elevating product up to a radial weigh scale to complex high speed fixed bucket style elevators with integrated vibratory feed systems for full portion control.
Our range of material handling solutions can be supplied with full perimeter guarding and electrical interlocked doors as an optional addition and are built to high hygiene standards allowing them to be fully cleanable in place. Why not talk to CM Process Solutions and see how we can assist you with all your material handling requirements, which will increase production and help streamline your production process.

Employee Personal Hygiene

Personnel hygiene is nothing but ensuring that there is no contamination getting introduced into the product or equipment from personnel who work inside the facility, lack of proper handwashing is the second most cause of food borne illness from bacteria or viruses.

CM Process have a complete range of hygiene related equipment designed to ensure that plant workers and visitors clean their boots and sanitize their hands prior to entering the production areas, from simple walkthrough designs to more complex integrated systems that include hand washing, drying and hand sanitation. We are confident we can find a solution that fits your needs and requirements or if needed we can supply a dedicated custom solution.

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Seeing is believing! Our newly commissioned demonstration center is the ideal environment to test equipment for your process requirement and put the equipment through its paces. Our team are on hand to welcome customers visiting this unique test center.

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