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The North American Fish Processing Market was worth USD 49.31 billion and is estimated to grow and reach USD 59.42 billion by 2028, this market has abundant growth potential in the mentioned forecasting period and continues to gain momentum with the recent increase in consumer demand of fish and other seafood products.

The fish processing industry faces many different challenges and head winds, US seafood suppliers, processors and wholesalers are facing major labor shortage, transportation price increases and increased costs of seafood, packaging are complicating there operations, fish is a very perishable food and hence needs to be stored and preserved properly for protection against decaying, some of the popular fish processes used for fish preservation are surimi, curing, salting, drying and smoking.

With the ever-increasing popularity of seafood and with more and more fish processing plants in operation, sanitation and cleaning is critical, fish processing plants tend to deal with water more than other industry sector increasing the risk of bacteria and contaminants.

Fish Industrial Washing Machine Solutions

Industrial Washing Machine Solutions

As product arrives at the processing facility, fish and seafood typically undergoes more manual handling than other animal proteins, which is then subject to a host of other potential contaminants and pathogens which are present in the fish scales and the natural slime that protects the fish.

CM Process Solutions offer a complete range of Industrial washing and sanitizing solutions for the fish and seafood processing industry, we have a range of tunnel style crate washers designed to wash fish style boxes and crates, our tray washers can be designed to accept heavily soiled smoke screens and can be integrated with various options like high pressure flow pumps and automatic filtration.

Racks and trolleys used for smoking fish can be washed in our range of smoke truck washers, different configurations allow for washing in both batch style or continuous passage with various different throughputs available.

Our range of automatic washing and sanitizing solutions are commonly built from 304 grade stainless steel but dependent on nature of the process we can manufacture the machine in 316 or 316L stainless which holds up better to the salt content in salt water, therefore being less corrosive to the stainless steel,  our machines are easily operational from a simple push of the start button, our high flow energy efficient pumps deliver water mixed with your chosen chemical direct to the soiled surface ensuring that its clean, and ready for immediate reuse.

Fish Personal Hygiene Solutions

Personal Hygiene Solutions

Employees can be a major source of contamination in the fish processing industry, since they come in frequent contact with the product during the handling and filleting stage of the process, lack of proper hand washing is the second most cause of foodborne illness from bacteria or viruses, personal hygiene is nothing but ensuring there is no contamination getting introduced into the product from personnel who are working inside the processing plant.

CM Process Solutions offer a complete range of hygiene related equipment, our boot washers are designed to wash the operators boots by simply walking through the machine, dedicated brushes positioned at the sole and sides of the footwear provide effective cleaning when mixed with the customers chosen chemical, the boot washers, can be fitted with various options such as hand sanitation chambers and turnstiles which will unlock when the operator has completed the correct procedure and ensured that hand and foot hygiene policy has been correctly implemented.

Fish Material Handling Solutions

Material Handling Solutions

CM Process Solutions have an extensive range of material handling solutions designed for the fish processing industry, product and whole fish is delivered into the processing plant in large, insulated containers full of ice, many of these containers are then moved to other processing operations where they are unloaded manually for further operations like cleaning or filleting.

Our range of container tippers and tilters are designed to eliminate the manual handling and protect the operator from repetitive musculoskeletal injuries caused by repeatedly bending over, our dumpers are designed to work in the harshest of environments and the fish processing industry is one of the harshest they are supplied with full stainless steel hydraulic displacement rams which means they are fully washable and easily cleaned allow for any salt and minerals to be removed at clean down.

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