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The US Pet food industry is rapidly increasing, in 2021 the market reached a value of USD 40.6 billion, Market studies suggest industry growth to hit USD 51.5 billion by the year 2027, as pet parents are increasingly seeking healthy and nutritious foods with proactive ingredients for their pets.

The motivation of many pet owners is “What’s good for me is also good for my pet” Pets have been keeping humans healthy and contributing to their wellness since the beginning of pet ownership, studies have proven that pets have many positive influences on humans overall wellbeing, by promoting physical activity  and helping to manage stress in difficult life situations, with this in mind pet parents are becoming increasingly concerned about preventive health care for their pets.

Sanitation is critical and an ongoing concern in conventional food manufacturing, its all become more critical over the last decade in pet food manufacturing, after all like humans’ pets are susceptible to sickness and in the worst case death if there food is not stored in a safe and hygienic way.

With products such as raw meats taking a centralized stage in the pet food industry, its more important than ever that manufactured and processed pet food receives the same care and high production standards as human food.

CM Process Solutions is a leading and trusted supplier of material handling, Industrial washing and sanitizing equipment for the pet food industry, our equipment is designed be easily cleaned and built with strict hygiene principles, thus eliminating potential bacteria and pathogen breeding traps.

Pet Industrial Washing and Sanitizing Solutions

Industrial Washing & Sanitizing Solutions

CM Process Solutions offers a complete line of industrial washing and sanitizing solutions to the pet food industry, we have a proven track record of supplying washing machines to the pet food processing industry for washing items like Euro style 400 & 600 lb. buggy’s and smoke and cooking racks and screens.

Our range of cabinet utensil washers are specifically suited for cleaning and sanitizing product contact surfaces and tooling from depositors, extruders, mixers and grinders.

A common washing machine we have supplied to the pet food processing industry is the EC20-30 Euro style buggy washer, which is designed to wash and sanitize both the 400 & 600Lb  Euro style buggies and v mags that are commonly used in the food processing sectors, these machines can be supplied in a either a single capacity batch type which washes up to 16 per hour or alternatively a double capacity batch type washer and with pet food processors looking for a bigger throughput we offer a tunnel design capable of washing up to 75 per hour.

Our in-house demonstration is set up to showcase a range of our Industrial washing and sanitizing solutions, we have both a Euro buggy washer and a smoke truck washer in place allowing you to come and learn more about our washing solutions.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person at our Kentucky location and demonstrate our full line up.

Pet - Processing Personal Hygiene Equipment

Personal Hygiene Equipment

Employees can be a major source of contamination since they come in frequent contact with food during processing, lack of proper hand washing is the second most cause of foodborne illness from bacteria or viruses.

Personal hygiene is nothing but ensuring that there is no contamination getting introduced in the product or equipment from personnel who are working inside the processing plant.

CM Process Solutions offer an extensive range of equipment from boot washers and sole washers to complete all in one hygiene stations and from hand wash sinks to hair net dispensers within our portfolio of products.

Our range of boot washers are hygienically designed to facilitate the cleaning of large rubber boots prior to entering the production areas.

We also have a complete range of PPE storage dispensers for ear plugs, hair nets and beard covers.

Pet - Processing Mechanical Handling Equipment

Mechanical Handling Equipment

We have a complete range of material handling equipment dedicated to the readymade meal and convenience industry, we offer the Single Euro style buggy solution designed to eliminate time consuming and manually intensive processes.

The Single Euro Buggy Solution is designed so that only one 400 or 600 lb. Euro buggy is used in the whole process whether it be weighing, mixing, dumping, washing or storage.

Our range of material handling equipment is designed to prevent the risk of injury from repetitive strains and skeletal injuries, Employees in the bakery industry contend with many challenging factors, employees can become less efficient and suffer loss of time from work from manual handling products from bulk product containers such as stainless-steel vats or Euro style buggy’s.

The TT3 Euro Buggy tumbler is commonly used in pet food processing plants and test kitchens, its revolutionary design allows product to be mixed in both 400 & 600 Lb Euro style buggys, instead of using multiple buggys to load large mixers or blenders, a vacuum is fitted so product can be infused or marinated.

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Seeing is believing! Our newly commissioned demonstration center is the ideal environment to test equipment for your process requirement and put the equipment through its paces. Our team are on hand to welcome customers visiting this unique test center.

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