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Our Kentucky headquarters was purpose-built in 2021-22 as the ideal facility for our offices, distribution center, service, technical hub, and presentation suite for our existing and new partner customers. The offices are state of the art and can host large delegations for presentations. Our main innovation is a demonstration center where we have many products set up for customers to practically assess the equipment and see how the products are designed for purpose.

The demonstration center is regularly updated with our latest equipment innovations. Products such our Euro Buggy Tumbler can be tested with your product mix, for you to see in person how mixing programs best suit your requirements. New additions to our product suite are feature vibratory feeders which link process and meter products evenly.

There are many advantages to “trying before buying” and we are confident that by seeing our products in use and feeling the quality of design and manufacturing, you will understand why we are a credible working partner. We have an open invitation to our peers and would welcome hosting you on a date that suits your schedule.

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In 2020 we relocated from Southern California to the beautiful bluegrass just outside of Lexington, Kentucky.

Our new purpose-built facility was completed in 2021 and serves as our main hub for sales, technical service, distribution, and demonstration.

The 6000 sq. ft. in-house demonstration center is equipped with a complete range of our latest equipment and boasts an extensive line of both Industrial washing machines and hygiene entrance equipment, complete with boot washers and sole washers.

Products such as our Euro buggy tumbler can be tested with your specific product mix which enables you to achieve confidence and testimony prior to moving ahead with a purchase, Alternatively, we can provide video documentation of the products’ performance.

Our facility is located within minutes of Lexington Bluegrass airport and 90 minutes from either Cincinnati or Louisville airports.


CM Process Solutions’ range of products is split into three product sectors, Material handling, Industrial washing Solutions and Hygiene and production equipment, all of which are available for viewing and downloading.

If you would like to receive a hard copy of any of our catalogs, then simply click request hard copy and complete the form and we will have a team member deal with your request.

Industrial Washing Systems
Solutions For Hygiene Conscious Environments

CM Process Solutions is an established supplier of commercial and industrial washing systems to the food, pharmaceutical, and distribution industries.

Hygiene & Production Equipment
Solutions For Hygiene Conscious Environments

CM Process Solutions offers a complete range of equipment for employee and personnel wash and changing rooms, in some instances personal hygiene protocol and designs are not implemented and therefore underestimated, especially in production environments with RTE (Ready to eat) products are produced.

Material Handling Equipment
Solutions For Hygiene Conscious Environments

CM Process Solutions offer a complete range of equipment for material and mechanical handling in food production plants that are designed to suit a range of applications from lifting, dumping, storing, and tilting, we have a proven solution to help streamline your process.

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