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The US snack food industry grew from an estimated $ 116.6 billion in 2017 to an estimated $ 150.6 billion in 20022 and is forecasted to grow to $ 169.6 billion in 2027, which according to recent studies includes a family of products like fruit snacks, ice cream, biscuits, snack bars, and savory snacks in the category.

Over the years, shifts in American culture and technology made snacking on-the-go more attractive, for example now boomers and G Xers tend to indulge in a snack in the afternoon or morning with smaller snacks and meals being consumed.

With the increased demand for snack type foods, many manufacturers are dealing with increased challenges from labor and staffing shortages, increased product demand, increased labor costs and rising supplies, utilities and ingredients costs,

Sanitation and personal hygiene in the snack food industry is no different to that of any other food processing sector, the potential of contamination from poor employee personal hygiene and inefficient cleaning of items such as machine parts like scale weigher buckets and pans, containers or direct food product contact surfaces pose a clear and real danger to consumers and employees.

Industrial Washing Machine Solutions

CM Process Solutions are a specialist supplier of industrial washing machines for the food processing industry including snack food manufacturers, we have extensive experience in offering washing machines to wash items like pans, buckets and scale parts that effectively wash and remove soils, contaminants and any other potential bacteria that could be present on product contact surfaces.

Our machines are designed to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, by combining energy efficient pumps with dedicated water spray systems, fed from a recirculated tank system, they provide long term cost savings and reduce water usage.

Operators can simply select a dedicated wash cycle on the control panel, push the button which initiates the start of the wash cycle then are free to do another task while awaiting the wash cycle to complete its cycle.

For more information on our complete range of industrial washing machines contact us at CM Process Solutions to see how we can assist you with your washing and sanitizing needs and how a washing machine supplied by CM Process Solutions can help you streamline your operational washing needs and increase productivity.

Material Handling Solutions

Many snack food producers utilize multi head weigh bucket type scales, mounted on stainless steel platforms which are usually fed by incline type conveyors, delicate product has the risk of being caught within the conveyor incline belt and causing damage to the product integrity, CM Process Solutions offers a complete system which starts with a low level metering vibratory conveyor that feeds a high speed bucket tipper which elevates the product up to the gantry level, a PU belt conveyor then transports the tipped product to a spigot discharge vibratory feed conveyor which regulates the flow of product into the scale bucket weigh system, this ensures batches of product are transported with great efficiency.

CM Process Solutions are a leading supplying of material handling solutions for the food processing industry particularly the snack food industry, our range of material handling solutions are designed to streamline operations and increase production flow and efficiency, from simple single and double column loaders that lift and tip stainless steel dump buggies, to customized systems designed with vibratory feed conveyors systems.

Employee Personal Hygiene

Employee hygiene is a critical component of food safety, many of the greatest challenges in food production sectors are ensuring that both visitors and employees thoroughly and efficiently wash their hands prior to entering production rooms, controlling the ingress of its workers and visitors, and eliminating the spread of any potential harmful bacteria is a major concern for plants, QA managers and directors.

Employee hygiene starts in the changing room with correct handwashing procedures being observed, as per the guidelines of the CDC to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses like stomach flu which can cause food contamination.

CM Process Solutions offer a complete line of hand wash and boot wash solutions, these can be a simple stand alone wall mounted sensor operated sink and walk through boot washer or a complete integrated all in one hygiene station commonly known as a hygiene gate which facilitates the complete hand wash, hand sanitation and full boot cleaning.

For more information on how CM Process Solutions can assist with your personal hygiene requirements then contact us and one of our specialists can discuss and tailor a solution that fits your needs.

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