Model No: R20

Commercial Rack Washer

The R20 Rack Washer is a cabinet batch type washing system designed to provide an exceptional wash and efficient cleaning performance when cleaning smoke trucks or other styles of cooking racks.

The R20 Rack Washer is a cabinet batch type washing system designed to provide an exceptional wash and efficient cleaning performance when cleaning smoke trucks or other styles of cooking racks.

Operational Design

The R20 can be supplied with two loading options, either a pit mounted design or with a stainless-steel loading ramp, allowing easy access of the soiled racks.

The smoke trucks are simply loaded inside the washer where they sit on heavy duty removable type grids. Once the load is added, the operator can close the stainless-steel door and initiate the various wash programs to initiate a thorough cleaning to sterilize and remove contaminants.

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Wash Cycle

The R20 has a dedicated hot water re-circulated wash tank, which can be heated by either electrical immersion type heaters or by steam, with either plate coils or steam injectors.

The temperature is controlled by the HMI on the control panel, which also gives indication of the machine status, faults, or any other operational information relevant to the machine.

Two powerful high flow stainless steel wash pumps deliver water to our innovative travel jet system, which is positioned 360° around the soiled rack. The wash carriage then oscillates forwards and backwards within the inside of the wash chamber with hot water and detergent that is recirculated from the wash tank.

The chosen detergent is automatically introduced into the wash tank by a chemical doser, where a conductivity probe measures the concentration inside the wash tank.

Filtration can be achieved by simple vertical mounted filters which are easily removable.

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Rinse Cycle

Various types of rinse features are available from an ambient temperature rinse coupled with a cleaning agent, an inline electrical booster heater, or a steam mixing valve.

Alternatively, should it be required, a dedicated hot rinse at 185°F can be employed to give a heated sanitizing rinse.

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Safety Features

The R20 is designed with numerous safety features in mind such as emergency stop pushbuttons, electrical interlocked doors, and an internal pull cord system which protects the operator from the machine starting in the event that they are locked within the wash chamber.

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Sanitary Design

As with all our machines the R20 Smoke Truck Rack Washer is built using all the hygienic principles applied to all our equipment, thus eliminating potential bacteria and pathogen breeding traps.

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Customized Solutions

The R20 Rack washer along with all of our equipment can be customized to your specific individual needs. All of our machines can be integrated with a range of options such as magnetic door locks or upgraded filtration and rinse cycles.

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Product Features

304 Stainless SteelAdjustable TimesChemical Auto DosingHeating OptionsHigh Flow SS PumpsHMI ControlledRe Circulated Hot WashScreen FiltrationSS FanWater Saving
  • Stainless steel 304 grade construction.
  • Pit mounted or ramp type operation.
  • Electric or steam heated.
  • Hot water re-circulated hot wash.
  • Electrical interlocked doors.
  • Automatic chemical dosing system.
  • Stainless steel extract fan
  • Optional Touch screen controlled.

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