Industry Sector - Plant Based Proteins

Plant based foods are now becoming increasingly popular which can be linked to consumers changing behavior, many people have now shifted to vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets to support their health during the pandemic. as such, consumers have now been shopping for plant-based meat and dairy alternatives to incorporate vitamins and minerals into their meals, rising inflation has led to consumers changing their grocery spending habits with many cutting back on meat, poultry, and fish.

CM Process Solutions has assisted many manufacturers who produce plant-based products from burgers and hot dogs to tofu. We have supplied Industrial washing and sanitizing systems for cleaning stainless steel dump buggies, plastic trays, machine parts and utensils and after the numerous washing projects and solutions we have implemented, it has given us extensive knowledge and experience in automatic washing and sanitizing of bulk product containers.

Our range of lifters and dumpers are a proven design and help streamline production flow and increase efficiency, our single column dumpers can be designed to be fully automatic with an added incremental tip which automatically dumps product like hot dogs into a hopper as and when its needed, various other options are available such as full stainless steel sheet guarding with electrically interlocked doors can be fitted which allow the stainless steel dump buggy to be loaded in as safe manner.

We as a company are specialist supplier of hygiene equipment, designed to efficiently ensure that correct hand and boot hygiene protocol is correctly followed, from simple walk-through boot and sole washer systems right through to integrated double and triple lane entrance systems, we can work with your team to custom design and tailor a solution that is specific to your needs and requirements.

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Seeing is believing! Our newly commissioned demonstration center is the ideal environment to test equipment for your process requirement and put the equipment through its paces. Our team are on hand to welcome customers visiting this unique test center.

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