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Hygiene standards in the beverage industry have advanced parallelly with the food and pharmaceutical sectors. Manufacturers are increasingly enhancing their standards throughout the production and packaging workflows. CM Process Solutions provides specialized product ranges to ensure entrance hygiene, including equipment for footwear cleaning, and wash sinks and sanitizing turnstiles for hand hygiene.

Given the escalating demand for whey and protein energy drinks, CM Process Solutions offers precise equipment for manufacturers who require exact recipe measurements. Facilities that use vats and dump buggies for powdered drinks have now incorporated stainless steel frame construction weigh scales in lieu of the traditional recessed floor pit-style weighing systems. These floor-mounted scales can be thoroughly washed down after production, minimizing spillage concerns.

For manufacturing processes that involve lifting and tipping powdered drinks formulas - such as ingredients used in lifestyle shakes or baby formula - safety and productivity can be significantly improved. CM Process Solutions provides a selection of single and double column dumpers for vats, combos, and dump buggies. This range of lifting and dumping equipment can enhance employee safety and expedite the throughput of powdered products.

Artisan or specialist drink producers intending to upscale their batch production or implement consistent working standards are encouraged to consult our technical sales team. Our industrial washing solutions can effectively clean utensils and equipment. Additionally, our products like Rotary Turntables can be instrumental in packing areas.

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Seeing is believing! Our newly commissioned demonstration center is the ideal environment to test equipment for your process requirement and put the equipment through its paces. Our team are on hand to welcome customers visiting this unique test center.

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