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Our line of conveyorized tunnel washers have been designed to provide an efficient continuous inline washing solution for washing many containers such as trays, crates, sheet pans, meat lugs or even buckets. Our conveyorized tunnel washers range in different sizes allowing for the efficient washing of trays and crates with throughputs between 400 trays per hour upwards of 5000 trays per hour.

Our line of conveyorized tunnel washers have been designed to provide an efficient continuous inline washing solution for washing many containers such as trays, crates, sheet pans, meat lugs or even buckets. Our conveyorized tunnel washers range in different sizes allowing for the efficient washing of trays and crates with throughputs between 400 trays per hour upwards of 5000 trays per hour.


All of the tunnel washers supplied by CM Process Solutions can be selected from a standard machine design or, if needed, our machines can be customized to suit your individual needs and washing requirements. Various standard models can offer washing throughputs of 400, 600, 800, or upwards of 1000 trays or crates per hour. These machines offer many different wash cycles and bulk water removal treatments and features available for selection.

The tray is loaded on to the infeed of the tunnel and gently pushed into the machine where a stainless-steel chain type conveyor with lugs picks up the tray and conveys it through the wash tunnel.

Our tunnel washing system is designed to be environmentally friendly with each machine designed to save on water consumption, while also minimizing energy and labor costs.

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Heavily soiled trays or crates that carry protein soiling can sometimes benefit from having an ambient prewash prior to a main chemical detergent wash. This is efficient in removing and loosening heavy residues, which in turn saves on chemical usage in the main wash tank. Powerful high-flow efficient pumps deliver water through the wash nozzles by means of dedicated wash manifolds and jetting, which can be easily taken apart for cleaning and maintenance.

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This industrial washing machine is designed with a recirculated hot water wash tank with operating temperatures between 130° and 150°F. Each wash tank is fitted with a stainless-steel pump head, overflow, and drain valve, allowing for quick and easy draining for cleaning and maintenance programs.

The water level is constantly maintained by means of level controls, which are controlled by solenoids and level control relays mounted in the main control panel. Chemical is injected into the tank by means of a peristaltic style pump which is controlled by an inductive sensor mounted in the wash tank.

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Our line of industrial tray and basket washers can be configured with either a recirculated or high temperature sanitizing rinse, which will effectively remove cleaning or detergent chemical residue that is left on the trays. For those applications where bulk water needs to be removed from the tray, the addition of a high temperature rinsing cycle at 185°F not only gives a high temperature sanitizing rinse, but also helps with the drying of the trays due to the heat that is introduced into the material, this process is called flash drying.

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Heating Options

Our tunnel washer system can be configured to offer heating by means of electrical immersion style heaters or steam heaters. Steam heated is available in two options and can be supplied by plate type coils (Indirect) or injectors (direct). For larger machines with larger throughput requirements then gas heating can be utilized.

Daily heater start up times can be configured for automatic start up prior to operation.

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Recirculatory tanks are typically supplied by simple double pull out removable stainless steel screen type filters, which can be easily removed and cleaned as needed. However, as an option all of our conveyorized tunnel tray and crate washers can be fitted with an automatic rotary screen filter, which automatically removes solids as they are washed from the tray or crate preventing them from degrading and neutralizing the chemical in the wash tanks.

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All of our tunnel washers are designed with a freshwater rinse as standard, which is also coupled with a dosing system to add a sanitizer or a chemical additive. The fresh water rinse is supplied at mains temperature and gives a final fresh water sanitizing chemical rinse. If the recirculatory heated rinse is not implemented, the customer can be safe in the knowledge that they have the capacity to provide a sanitizing chemical fresh water rinse.

As an option, the freshwater rinse can be fitted with an inline electrical tube type booster heater or, if steam heated, then a simple regulatory steam mixing valve can be fitted to boost the temperature of the fresh water if required.

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If the removal of bulk water is required, then our range of industrial tunnel washers can be configured to include a single or multiple stage high-pressure blow off module. Our innovative air knives are manufactured from stainless steel and strategically positioned around the tray or crate to effectively remove any bulk water that is carried over from the wash process.

High-pressure centrifugal blower motors are mounted in the blower chamber, which is acoustically lined to cut down on noise. Ambient filtered air is drawn in and delivered to the air knife. All connecting pipework between the air knife and blower module is manufactured from stainless steel tube and not flexible hose which can easily wear and tear.

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A stainless steel down washdown machine mounted control panel houses all the electrical components. As a standard our range of tray and crate washers utilize Allan Bradley control gear where possible, and all cables external to the control panel are run in stainless steel wash down cable trays.

Pushbutton control is our standard operation, but as an option an HMI can be installed for more detailed control and diagnostics. All of our machines are fitted with electrical interlocked doors or removable service covers as standard with emergency stop pushbuttons positioned around the machine.

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As with all of our machines our line of Industrial tray and crate washing systems are designed using all the hygienic and sanitary principles applied to all of our equipment, thus eliminating any potential bacteria and pathogen breeding traps.

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As one of the leading suppliers of industrial conveyorized tunnel washers in North America, it makes us an obvious choice and first point of call for all your washing and sanitizing needs. However, don’t just take our word for it, why not schedule a visit to see our industrial washing machines in person and do a full test and inspection of our product range?

We welcome the opportunity to host you at our corporate offices just outside of Lexington Kentucky.

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Contact Brian - Industrial Washing Machines Sales Manager

Brian Meyer is available to discuss your individual product needs regarding Industrial washing systems. Do you need to discuss system possibilities and gain in-depth knowledge about the best solutions? Brian has over 20 years technical experience with industrial washing systems and is our go to authority for ideas and practical answers. Feel free to reach out to him to set and schedule an appointment.

Product Features

304 Stainless SteelChemical Auto DosingCold Water Chemical RinseHeating OptionsHigh Flow SS PumpsHigh Temp RinseHMI ControlledHygienicRe Circulated Hot RinseRe Circulated Hot WashScreen FiltrationSS Steam ExtractorStainless Steel Belt or ChainWater Saving
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Capable of washing up to 1000 totes per hour.
  • Electrical or steam heating.
  • Hot water re-circulated wash cycle.
  • Fresh water rinse with sanitizer chemical additive doser.
  • Removable drawer type filter screens.
  • Stainless steel transport chain.
  • Electrical interlocked removable service covers.
  • Automatic chemical doser system.
  • HMI controlled.
  • Stainless steel extract fan.
  • AB control gear.
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