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The United States is the largest global producer of chicken meat with an estimated 20.4 million metric tons of broiler meat produced in 2021, chicken breast is the number one selling chicken type in North America and is processed at more than 2,979 federally inspected chicken processing plants within the US, with the state of Alabama producing the most chicken followed by Arkansas and then Delaware.

Poultry processors have to navigate many different headwinds within the industry, dealing with foodborne pathogens such as salmonella and Campylobacter which present a major concern for the poultry industry on a yearly basis due to there association with poultry related foodborne illnesses.

Equally many poultry processing jobs are physically demanding and involve factors that increase the risk of developing a musculoskeletal disorder (MSDs), these factors include repetition, force, awkward and static postures, and vibration, in addition many operations in poultry processing occur with a chilled product or in a cold environment, cold temperatures in combination with these ergonomic risk factors increase the potential for MSDs to develop.

Industrial Washing Machines For Plastic Totes And Bulk Product Vats

The cleaning of plastic totes and bulk product containers is critical to ensure food safety and eliminate the spread of foodborne pathogens in continuous processing operations, correct wash and rinse temperatures with the addition of fresh water rinse steps and sanitizer chemical additives help ensure the crates are cleaned thoroughly.

Our range of tray washers which are designed for use in the poultry processing industry are built with many operating principles in mind, the design of the tray washer must be hygienic in itself and should be efficient and minimize energy requirements, water consumption should be taken into consideration with the freshwater rinse being channeled to a prewash tank or other stages of the wash process.

CM Process have extensive experience in washing containers used in the poultry processing industry, from simple conveyorized tunnel washers washing 200 trays per hour right through to inline systems that wash large bulk product containers, we certainly have a solution that is tailored to your plants individual needs and requirements, by investing in a tray washing machine from CM Process Solutions you can be sure that your trays and containers are being correctly washed and sanitized, improving efficiency and reducing labor.

Material Handling Solutions For Bulk Product Containers

CM Process Solutions have a complete range of material handling equipment designed for use in the poultry processing industry, from heavy-duty stainless-steel vat dumpers for tipping large bulk product containers of poultry into grinders or mixers to low level dumpers and tilters that can assist in the manual removal of poultry from combos onto low level items such cutting tables, conveyors or poultry hanging lines.

All of our designs are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel which means they can be cleaned with caustic chemicals to provide a sanitary solution, equally all of the hydraulic rams are manufactured from stainless steel there is no presence of brass or mild steel.

Many of our lifters and dumpers can be configured with an array of different options such as rear loading electrical interlocked doors, different tip and dump angles or even feed tables and receiving tables, our team of engineers can help you improvise a solution that is specific to your individual needs and requirements which will increase production and streamline your process.

Employee Personal Hygiene

Employee hygiene is a critical component of food safety, one of the greatest challenges in a meat and poultry processing plant is controlling the ingress of its workers and visitors and eliminating the spread of any potential harmful bacteria into the production areas.

This begins at the changing room, a significant critical control point (CCP), correct hygiene protocols are the poultry processing plants first line of defense against food contamination, bacteria and viruses like stomach flu, correct handwashing procedures given by the CDC should be implemented, the effective cleaning and sanitizing of footwear should also be observed and implemented, dated practices such as foaming floor sanitizing dips and foot baths should be upgraded as these become contaminated and act as a dirty soup which is then tracked around the food production floor and easily spread.

CM Process Solutions offer a complete of hand wash and boot washing solutions, these can be simple stand alone wall mounted hand wash sink and walk-through boot washer or be integrated into a complete all one hygiene station commonly known as a hygiene gate which facilitates the complete hand wash, hand sanitation and full boot wash and cleaning.

Our range of hygiene gates are designed to ensure that operators follow correct personal hygiene protocol, integrated stainless steel turnstiles control and ensure the user has completed the necessary hygiene requirements.

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