Industry Sector - Soups, Sauces & Dressings

The global soup market was valued at USD 5,840.2 million in 2021 with the sauces and dressings sector being valued at USD 130.4 million.

The increasing working population and hectic lifestyles have increased demand for healthy convenience food which is providing impetus to the soup, sauces and dressing industry,

Increasing disposable income and the rising standards of the urban middle class particularly in students and young couples is increasing the demand for easy to ready to eat foods, soups are famous not only as a healthy and nutritious alternative, but also as a comfort food which is usually delicious and satisfying.

Online retail shopping has greatly increased over the last few years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, it boosted the demand for ready to eat soups and is aiding the industry growth.

Some facilities produce a range of products which have a variety of ingredients which raises the risk of exposure to cross contamination to possible food allergens like gluten, lactose or peanuts.

While Allergens are still the number one reason for recalls affecting ready to eat meal producers, and although equipment cleaning is not often just the root cause, there is a growing awareness that poor cleaning practices from either equipment such as depositors, mixers and kettles and poor personal hygiene should not become a contributing factor in allergen recalls.

CM Process Solutions is a leading and trusted supplier of material handling, Industrial washing and sanitizing equipment for the ready and convenience meal sector, our equipment is designed be easily cleaned and built with strict hygiene principles, thus eliminating potential bacteria and pathogen breeding traps.

Washing Machine Solutions

CM Process Solutions offers a complete line of Industrial washing and sanitizing solutions to the ready and convenience meal sector we have a proven track record of suppling washing machines for items such stainless steel cooking trays, gastronorm trays, plastic food lugs, and buckets.

Our range of cabinet utensil washers are specifically suited for cleaning and sanitizing product contact surfaces and tooling from depositors, blenders or mixers,

Product batches are often made up in the standard 400 & 600 lb Euro style buggy’s and are then either dumped by single column dumpers into a depositor hopper or used in a Euro style buggy tumbler for product mixing.

Sanitizer tunnels should be installed between low care to high care divides so to reduce the risk of contaminants and increase food safety, every day packaged ingredients such as mayonnaise in buckets or cheese wrapped in outer packaging are brought into processing plants on delivery trucks, which could have been exposed to contaminants or pathogens, a sanitizer tunnel spraying solution on all sides will help to eliminate bacteria or contaminants.

Mechanical Handling Equipment

We have a complete range of material handling equipment dedicated to the readymade meal and convenience industry, we offer the single Euro style buggy solution designed to eliminate time consuming and manually intensive processes.

Our range of double column lift and dumpers are designed to lift and tip product such as IQF ingredients into cooking kettles for the production of large particulate soups and sauces.

We also offer and supply machinery for decanting and emptying product out of drums and barrels allowing for more of a safe and efficient solution.

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