Batch Style Stainless Steel Dump Buggy Washers

CM Process Solutions offers a wide spectrum of quality batch-style industrial washing and sanitizing systems designed to efficiently clean stainless-steel dump buggies, commonly known as v-mag carts, tote bins, v-edge buggies, and Euro style buggies.

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CM Process Solutions offers a wide spectrum of quality batch-style industrial washing and sanitizing systems designed to efficiently clean stainless-steel dump buggies, commonly known as v-mag carts, tote bins, v-edge buggies, and Euro style buggies.


Our range of cabinet-style stainless-steel dump buggy washers come in three designs, all of which are capable of washing both the 400 lb. (200 liter) and 600 lb. (300 liter) buggies. These machines have varying washing and sanitizing capacities dependent on your individual needs and requirements.

Our single capacity design model EC20/30 is capable of washing up to 20 soiled dump buggies per hour. Our quad design model number EC80/20-30 is our largest batch-style design and is capable of washing up to 80 stainless steel dump buggies per hour. For all mid-range wash requirements, our EC40/20-30 is capable of washing up to 40 buggies per hour. All quantities are dependent on the specific soiling levels inside the dump buggy and operator work rate.

Operational Design

All of our models are designed to be operator friendly and easily loaded. The stainless steel dump buggy is loaded within the cradle and then automatically inverted upside down within the wash chamber. The internal surfaces are cleaned using a high impact rotajet nozzle wash manifold, and the external surfaces and wheels are cleaned using our innovative travel jet system, which oscillates backwards and forwards inside the wash chamber. Hot water and the chosen chemical are recirculated from the main wash tank ensuring that debris and contaminants are removed with ease.

Various selectable wash programs allow dump buggies with varying degrees of contamination to be washed in a common unit. Filtration can be achieved by our standard removable screen type drawer design or, as an option, our automatic filtration can be fitted.

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Rinse Cycles

All three models can be supplied with a hot water rinse as standard. Typically our hot water rinse is set to rinse at a temperature of 185°F and is manufactured with a double skinned insulated design to maintain heat and protect the operator from surface burns.

As an option, a two-stage rinse can be incorporated into the washing machine. A separate 15-gallon tank coupled with a chemical injection system is fitted allowing the operator to select either a heated sanitizing rinse followed by a cold water sanitizing chemical rinse if required. Alternatively, the operator can simply select either the hot or cold water rinse if required.

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All of our dump buggy washers can be configured to be heated electrically or by steam. Electrically, our systems could utilize electrical-style immersion heaters. Alternatively, we could utilize steam plate coils or direct steam injection. The EC40 and EC80 models can be fitted with gas heating due to the larger tank design, allowing for the placement of six-inch stainless style burner coils.

All three washing and sanitizing machines are fitted with conductive style water level probes which are controlled by water level relays mounted in the main control panel. This protects the pump and heating media should the water level drop low.

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Sanitary Design

All of our stainless-steel dump buggy washers are built using the same hygienic principles applied to all of our equipment, thus eliminating potential bacteria and pathogen breeding traps. Our engineers constantly evaluate our designs and ensure that our range of Industrial washing and sanitizing machines that are implemented within the food processing and production industry are manufactured and constructed using the latest hygienic and industry best practices.

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Aftersales And Spare Parts

We understand there are many options and choices for our customers when selecting a piece of equipment. Here at CM Process Solutions we believe in long term partnerships and ensuring our customers have complete faith in our product offerings. To support our customers, we keep a constant critical supply of spare parts and components at our location in Winchester Kentucky.

However, we do recommend the purchase of a simple critical spare parts list, so in the event a wearable item such as a solenoid valve or heater fails, then the dump buggy washer can be easily placed back into operation with little disruption to production.

Whether it’s a requirement for spare parts, equipment breakdowns, training, or maintenance, you can rest assured that we at CM Process Solutions stand ready to provide additional support as and when it's needed.

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Customized Solutions

CM Process Solutions can customize our range of industrial washing and sanitizing solutions to your specific needs and requirements. All of our washing solutions can be configured to wash and handle a range of different types of containers or stainless-steel vats and tanks.

Additional features like dump buggy lids and detachable base wheel buggy cassettes can be included to ensure you are washing one stainless steel dump buggy and one lid per cycle.

Every industrial washing and sanitizing machine that CM Process Solutions supplies is designed to be used with caustic chemicals as standard. With innovative features like our travel jet systems, high temperature rinse cycles and range of filtration options, we are perfectly suited to be your chosen partner on all of your industrial washing and sanitizing solutions for washing stainless steel dump buggies.

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Manual Design

If you are looking for a more simplistic apparatus to clean your stainless steel dump buggies, consider our Pneumatic Wash Frame. These pieces of equipment take up even less space in your facility but require more labor to complete the cleaning process.

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Come test with us

CM Process Solutions dedicated 6000 sq feet showroom is located just outside of Lexington KY in the beautiful bluegrass and horse country. We have an EC20-30 single dump buggy washer available for customers to come, view, run trials and tests, giving you the confidence to see the results firsthand before making that decision.

Alternatively, if you cannot make that trip, we can run a trial with or without your product and send video documentation of the performance.

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Contact Brian - Industrial Washing Machines Sales Manager

Brian Meyer is available to discuss your individual product needs regarding Industrial washing systems. Do you need to discuss system possibilities and gain in-depth knowledge about the best solutions? Brian has over 20 years technical experience with industrial washing systems and is our go to authority for ideas and practical answers. Feel free to reach out to him to set and schedule an appointment.

Product Features

304 Stainless Steel400-600 LB Dump BuggyAutomatic LoadingChemical Auto DosingCold Water Chemical RinseHeating OptionsHigh Flow SS PumpsHigh Temp RinseHMI ControlledHot Water WashScreen FiltrationSS Steam Extractor
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Electric steam or gas heating.
  • Multiple wash programs.
  • Hot water re-circulated wash.
  • Multiple rinse options.
  • Dedicated powered hot water rinse at 185°F from a separate rinse tank.
  • Dedicated powered cold water rinse with sanitizer chemical dosing unit from separate tank.
  • Sustained jetting.
  • Electrical Interlocked doors.
  • Chemical dosing system.
  • Touchscreen controlled.
  • Stainless steel extract fan.
  • Standard removable drawer type filters or optional automatic removal feature.
  • AB control gear.
  • Up to 75 buggies per hour depending on the level of soiling and operator work rate.


The dump buggy washer range washes between 20 and 80 stainless steel buggies per cycle, depending on the level of soiling and pollution inside the tote bin. This really comes down to operator work rate and soiling levels on the buggy.

We do not recommend chemicals; however, we recommend a non-chlorinated and non-foaming chemical should be used. Chemical is automatically dosed into the wash tank by our dosing system, which is fitted onto the machine. A conductivity sensor mounted in the wash tank monitors the chemical concentrate levels and will automatically adjust as needed.

Alternatively, the chemical can be introduced by a centralized chemical ring system by means of the conductivity probe.

We can offer a buggy washer to be compatible with steam, gas, and electric all three have their advantages and disadvantages see below.


If there is no steam or gas available, then the only way to heat the machine is obviously electric heating by means of electric type immersion heaters. Electrical heating is not as efficient as steam and gas heating and therefore running costs can be a little more expensive on utility costs of the area that you're located in.


We offer the EC20-30 buggy washer in both direct steam by means of plate coils and indirect steam by means of injectors. If steam is available then it’s the most cost-effective solution by offering rapid heating times and is the cheapest purchase cost on the machine out of all three options.


Gas is an extremely efficient way of heating and benefits from low running costs. However, the purchase price of the machine is the most expensive option due to the gas burners, dampers and gas train that is needed.

We would recommend having a wash cycle with a temperature of around 120°F. Anything hotter than that and you risk cooking the starch on the 600 lb. stainless steel dump buggy. We would then follow up with a high temperature 185°F rinse.

No, we don’t have a specific drying option for these buggies. However, if you install the heated powered rinse option at 185°F, the buggies absorb so much heat from the high-temp powered rinse that you will see the water evaporate on the inside of the buggies. This is called flash drying with very little residue water left on the internal surfaces.

Looking for a continuous model?

The ET75 is a continuous automatic Euro style buggy washer designed for large plants with a large amount of buggy’s that are to be cleaned, the ET75 is supplied with an automatic inverter for loading and an automatic reverter for unloading and return…

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