Model No: ET75

Conveyorized Stainless Steel Dump Buggy Washer

CM Process Solutions offers a variety of washing machines capable of sanitizing industry-standard 400 and 600 lb dump buggies, commonly known as v-mags, as well as tote bins and euro style buggies.

CM Process Solutions offers a variety of washing machines capable of sanitizing industry-standard 400 and 600 lb dump buggies, commonly known as v-mags, as well as tote bins and euro style buggies.

Our Conveyorized Dump Buggy Washer can handle up to 75 units per hour depending on how soiled each container is and the speed of staff in your facility. The conveyorized option is best for facilities with more space and greater volumes of bins.

Operational Design

The soiled dump buggy’s are loaded into the machine’s mechanical inverter, which flips them upside down and sits them on a stainless-steel heavy-duty chain, then inputs them slowly through the machine.

The machine has three wash stages, a cold-water recirculated prewash for removing bulk debris, a heated recirculated chemical wash at around 145°F, and a re-circulated hot water rinse at around 185°F. Each of the wash zones incorporates our innovative travel jet pressure washer system, which oscillates forwards and backwards within the wash section. This gives a superior wash cycle on the dirty dump buggy.

An additional cold-water rinse coupled with a sanitizer chemical additive is also fitted at the end of the washing process which can be manually shut off if not required. At the end of the machine, the buggy dispenses into the waiting automatic reverter and delivers the buggy back to the floor where the operator can remove and wait for the next clean buggy.

Rinse Cycle

The ET75 can be supplied with a hot water rinse as standard. Typically our hot water rinse is set to rinse at a temperature of 185°F and is manufactured with a double skinned insulated design to maintain heat and protect the operator from surface burns.

As an option, a two-stage rinse can be incorporated into the washing machine. A separate 15-gallon tank coupled with a chemical injection system is fitted, allowing the operator to select either a heated sanitizing rinse followed by a cold water sanitizing chemical rinse if required. Alternatively, the operator can simply select either the hot or cold water rinse.


Various types of heating are available on the machine from electric immersion type heaters, to direct and indirect steam and gas by coils.

Safety Features

Our range of industrial washing machines are designed with numerous safety features as standard, such as emergency stop push buttons which are electrically monitored by safety relays in the control panel.

All of the stainless-steel doors have a rotary lock and handle as well as electromagnetic door switches, which cuts the pump and stops the machine’s operation until it has been reset.

The load and unload ends are fitted with a light guard. When the buggy is loaded within the safety cage, a button is pressed which resets the light guard and loads the buggy into the machine.

Sanitary Design

Our buggy washers are built using all the hygienic principles applied to all our equipment thus eliminating potential bacteria and pathogen breeding traps.

Customized Solutions

CM Process Solutions is capable of customizing our equipment to your specific needs. All of our machines can be integrated with a range of options to wash different types of containers or tanks.

Each CM Process Solutions buggy washer is designed to be used with caustic chemicals as standard. Our innovative moving jet systems, high-temperature rinse cycles, and range of filtration options provide the perfect solution for your dump buggy washing requirements.

Contact CM Process Solutions for more information on our range of dump buggy washers and we will be more than happy to discuss a solution that fits your needs and requirements.

Manual Design

If you are looking for a more simplistic apparatus to clean your stainless steel dump buggies, consider our Pneumatic Wash Frame. These pieces of equipment take up even less space in your facility but require more labor to complete the cleaning process.

Come Test With Us

CM Process Solutions dedicated 6000 sq feet showroom is located just outside of Lexington KY in the beautiful bluegrass and horse country. We have an EC20-30 single dump buggy washer available for customers to view and run trials, giving you the confidence to see the results firsthand before making that decision.

Alternatively, if you cannot make that trip, then we can do a trial with or without your product and send video documentation of the performance.

Contact Brian - Industrial Washing Machines Sales Manager

Brian Meyer is available to discuss your individual product needs regarding Industrial washing systems. Do you need to discuss system possibilities and gain in-depth knowledge about the best solutions? Brian has over 20 years technical experience with industrial washing systems and is our go to authority for ideas and practical answers. Feel free to reach out to him to set and schedule an appointment.

Product Features

304 Stainless Steel400-600 LB Dump BuggyAutomatic LoadingChemical Auto DosingHeating OptionsHigh Flow SS PumpsHMI ControlledHygienicSanitizing Chemical RinseScreen FiltrationSS FanUp to 75 Buggys pH
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Electric, steam or gas heating.
  • 4 stage wash process.
  • Sustained travel jetting.
  • Electrical Interlocked doors.
  • Chemical dosing system.
  • Touchscreen controlled.
  • Stainless steel extract fan.
  • Standard removable drawer type filters or optional automatic removal feature.
  • AB control gear.
  • Up to 75 dump buggys per hour.
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