Model No: HT2

Dump Buggy Tipper

The HT2 is low level hydraulically operated tipper designed to tip both standard 400 lb. (200 liter) or 600 lb. (300 liter) dump buggies commonly known in the food processing industry as v-mag buggies, dump buggies, meat trolleys, v-edge buggies and tote bins.

The HT2 is low level hydraulically operated tipper designed to tip both standard 400 lb. (200 liter) or 600 lb. (300 liter) dump buggies commonly known in the food processing industry as v-mag buggies, dump buggies, meat trolleys, v-edge buggies and tote bins.

Streamlined Operational Design

The HT2 hydraulic v-mag dumper is a simple easy to maintain design for use when emptying product from the standard dump buggies on to tables, conveyors or into any other bulk product container like stainless steel vats or plastic style dolav bins.

The machine is controlled by two independent push-button stations that are pressed to operate and are mounted on both sides of the buggy dumper; the position of the controls gives a complete view of the machine in operation.

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Increased Productivity

The HT2 v-mag dumper is designed to lift dump buggies and move them around the production areas for safe and easy unloading, the dump buggy is pushed into the lift cradle and is secured in place by a foot operated latch which prevents the tote bin from falling out the cradle when in operation.

The v-mag buggies are tipped at a maximum height of 53” with a maximum tip angle of 125° and can handle a maximum weight capacity of 770 lbs. its smooth tipping action allows for the efficient unloading of product.

The raise and lower functions are facilitated by means of a stainless-steel hydraulic displacement cylinder using gravity to bring it down to the floor unloading level.

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Battery or Mains Operated

Al of our range of hydraulic tippers and tilters can be supplied in both three phase 480 V mains powered design or a battery-operated design, the battery-operated design is supplied with a 110 V mains charger allowing the machine to be simply plugged in at the end of the shift and recharge for the next working day.

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Operational Safety

The HT2 allows for the safe and efficient unloading of product eliminating the risk of employees suffering from repetitive work injuries like strained muscles, ligaments, or any other musculoskeletal disorders from engaging in labor intensive tasks like bending down and lifting large pieces of meat.

All of our lifters and dumpers supplied by CM Process Solutions have been designed with operator safety in mind, our machines are evaluated to ensure there are no knit or finger trap points, the dump buggy tilter has been designed to be easily moveable and is mounted on heavy duty lockable castors.

Our Hydraulic v-mag buggy dumper has been designed to streamline your process and increase productivity when handling both 400 lb. and 600.b dump buggies.

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Sanitary Design And Food Contact Safety

All of our machines are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel, and we design our dump buggy tilters with optimal sanitation and hygiene principles in mind, our cylinders are made from 304 grade stainless steel with no brass or mild steel components allowing them to be easily cleaned down at the end of the shift with a caustic chemical as standard.

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Customized Solutions

Our complete range of tilters, tippers and dumpers can be customized to your specific individual needs the HT2 Hydraulic dump buggy dumper is no different, we can integrate the machine with a range feed and transfer tables or specific styles of chutes.

Do you have a specific need or requirement that we can help you with, then contact our team for a consultation and we would be more than happy to discuss your needs and show how we can help you streamline your process and improve productivity.

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All things 400 lb. and 600 lb. Dump Buggy Related

CM Process is a one stop shop for all your dump buggy related equipment, we offer solutions for weighing, storing, mixing, lifting and dumping, tilting and washing, all of which is categorized in our single dump buggy solution, for more information contact us at CM Process Solutions and learn how we can streamline and increase the efficiency and productivity of your process.

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Come test with us

CM Process Solutions dedicated 6000 sq feet showroom is located just outside of Lexington KY in the beautiful bluegrass and horse country, we have many different solutions for customers to come, view, run trials and tests on all our v-mag dump related equipment giving you the confidence to see the results firsthand before making that decision.

Alternatively, if you cannot make that trip then we can do a trial with or without your product and send video documentation of the performance.

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Product Features

304 Stainless Steel400-600 LB Dump Buggy53 Tipping Height775lb max capacityDual ControlsHygienicMains or BatteryMax 125 Tipping AnglePositioning GuidesStainless Steel Cylinder
  • Stainless steel 304 grade construction.
  • 772lb working capacity.
  • Maximum 125° degree tip angle.
  • Battery or mains operated.
  • Dual independent controls on either side of the machine.
  • Push-to-operate buttons up/down.
  • Stainless steel heavy duty locking castors.

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